Mirakl Marketplace

Mirakl Marketplace

When traditional E-Commerce websites turn into sophisticated marketplaces.

Traditional E-Commerce platforms are challenged by limited product range, high inventory costs, multiple sales channels, lack of control over the sales journey resulting in bad customer experience, and, in effect, losing revenue.


A marketplace enables traditional E-Commerce to become a one-stop-shop by bringing manufacturers, sellers and buyers onto the same platform. The marketplace owner can drive the customer journey and provide a seamless experience irrespective of the product or the seller.


However, a marketplace implementation is a major business and digital transformation. Mirakl provides the right business processes and technology to support the entire lifecycle including seller onboarding, product import, sales, after-sales support and reporting.


Distributor and retailer product range extension

Offer a quick and broad product and service selection from distributors or 3rd party sellers, while minimizing inventory and logistic costs and attracting more customers to the platform.


Enable direct selling by manufacturer

Regain control of channels, drive product quality control, ensure seamless sales and customer journey by establishing direct relationship with customer and redefining position in the value chain.


Connect with subsidiaries or fragmented buyers

Reduce dissident purchasing and leakage and/or streamline costs while providing users with a one-stop shop experience.

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