Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze)

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze)

A brand new customer experience with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.

Today, customers in the B2B area expect B2C commerce-like experiences. Additionally, cross and up-selling as well as individual offers for B2B buyers become more and more of a differentiating factor for enterprises. True omni-channel experiences leveraging the full digital platform capabilities are a great competitive advantage.


We can help you with all aspects of the design and seamless implementation of B2B cases on the Salesforce platform: user experience and user interface design leveraging the full B2B Commerce Cloud potential; end-to-end process design and implementation; integration and interface design and implementation (ERP, PIM, Payment, DMP, CMS etc.).


Build an omni-channel B2B experience on the Salesforce platform


Transform the B2B customer experience with a true cloud platform leveraging the Salesforce stack


Truly integrated end-to-end use cases and processes designed and implemented on the leading cloud platform



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