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May 17-18

Hamburg, Congress Center

Booth A1-F08



Deloitte Digital has created a new model for a new age: the creative digital consultancy.


By fusing creativity and technology, we connect customers with businesses in a better way. We can help you to transform the digital journey in ways an agency or traditional consultancy cannot. Whether it's unearthing new solutions, improving what's already there, or delivering on what matters to you most - we exist to help you find New Growth. So, if you're looking to grow revenues, improve your operating margins, and improve the agility of your business then you're probably looking for us – so let’s meet up at our booth A1-F08 to find out how. 

We harness the new and take a strong stand on economic, environmental, and social responsibility together with our clients and within Deloitte. 


Timetable Booth Activities & Masterclasses


Get special insights into our newest projects by taking part in one of our seven masterclasses and find out how we elevate the human experience.  





TUESDAY May 17th

Booth Activities

Voice of the Customer and Financial Linkage – The Value of CX

Presented by Felix Weise (Deloitte Digital) and Igor Romero (Medallia)


New Loyalty | Loyalty Management for Marketing Use Cases 

Presented by Oliver Biederbeck and Cynthia Beer (Deloitte Digital)


PBC (Packaged Business Capabilities) aka BCA (Big Competitive Advantage) 

Presented by Florian Theurich (Deloitte Digital) and Alexander Graf (Spryker)


Data Foundation for Personalisation in a Cookieless World 

Presented by Dr. Lars Finger, Max König (Deloitte Digital) and Dr. Jannika Bock (Google)


How Salesforce Net Zero Cloud helps your business to become more sustainable?

Presented by Maic Stohr and Vincent Huynh (Deloitte Digital)


Welcome to the Era of Personalized Content at Scale

Presented by Antonio Caroprese, Florian Theurich and  Kimon Polychroniadis (Deloitte Digital)


Oracle + Deloitte Digital: CDP, AI and why Customer Love begins with Data  

Presented by Harald Behnke, Michaela Wallner (Oracle) and Amir Mirshahi (Deloitte Digital)


Streamline your Digital Marketing Strategy by successfully incorporating Amazon AdTech solutions into you Marketing ecosystem

Presented by Klaus Nadler, Tatjana Schwarz (Deloitte Digital) and Andreas Kleofas (emax digital)


Realize Customer Centricity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

Presented by Florian Eulner, Kevin Sarrwat Mettry, Pavo Vucic und Sebastian Philipp Flanz (Deloitte Digital)


Elevating the Human Experience for major German insurance provider
Presented by Kimon Polychroniadis (Deloitte Digital) and Jana Kitzinger (SIGNAL IDUNA)


Why most marketplaces fail 

Presented by Carina Garbe (Deloitte Digital) and Alex Graf (Spryker) 


Customer Data Platform (CDP) – Don’t rent it, build it! How to build your CDP to make the most out of your 1st party data

Presented by Max König (Deloitte Digital), Dr. Lars Finger (Deloitte Digital) and Riz Syed (Google)


EMOTION x Deloitte Digital

Our guests are Eva-Maria Bauch (Deloitte Digital, Managing Director), Tina Müller (CEO Douglas), Ariane Reinhart (Board Member Continental), Sara Nuru (Co-Founder nuruCoffee) and Dr. Kasia Mol-Wolf (CEO EMOTION)


Medallia Storytime – The why and what of Voice of Customer (VoC): What does it take to implement a state-of-the-art customer feedback system in the Telco industry!

Presented by Felix Weise (Deloitte Digital), Andreas Harting (Deloitte Digital) and Igor Romero (Medallia)






Booth Activities


Deloitte Salesforce DiveIn / Open Water

Presented by Sabrina Leuthäußer and

Niklas Hebborn (Deloitte Digital)


Talents Talk

Presented by Vincent Huynh


Women in Consulting 

Participants are Virginie Briand, Anne Decker, Carina Garbe, Amelie Eggerath, Tabea Weiss (Deloitte Digital)


Introduction to the Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte

Presented by Tobias Gollnik


The Metaverse Starts with Me

Presented by Lara-Louissa Genz (Deloitte Digital), Jens Krisinger (Deloitte Digital) and Oliver Busch (Meta)


Streamline your Digital Marketing Strategy by successfully incorporating Amazon AdTech solutions into you Marketing ecosystem

Presented by Klaus Nadler, Tatjana Schwarz (Deloitte Digital) and Dominik Pietrowski (emax digital)


Ready to look behind the scenes? Recruiting @Deloitte Digital

Presented by Ann-Sophie Frank and Doris Madzarevic


Talents Talk

Presented by Vincent Huynh


Trusted Media Experience - Media Audit 2.0

Presented by Jens Krisinger, Samy El-Menshawy and Amelie Eggerath (Deloitte Digital)  


How can Corporates communicate on LinkedIn - presented using the example of Deloitte Voice of Innovation


Presented by Lara Sophie Bothur (Deloitte Digital) 


The Journey to Usership – A Future Beyond CRM & ERP

Presented by Frank Föge (Zuora), Sebastian Ferfers (Zuora), Niklas Josten (Trusted Shops) and Tim Hagemann (Deloitte Digital)



Let's support Startups that want to create impact!


That is the motto of this year's Gründer:innen Pitch of Emotion Verlag GmbH and OMR, where we as Deloitte Digital as partner and investor are represented by our colleague and jury member Eva-Maria Bauch.


Join us to the pitch on the OMR 50/50 stage on May 17th at 02:35pm. We are already excited to see which Startup will make it in the end!



Join us for our Panel Talk in partnership with Emotion Verlag GmbH about “Inspiring Network – How a Network can elevate your career” at our Deloitte Digital booth on the 17th of May at 04:30 pm. Next to our female colleague Eva-Maria Bauch we are excited to listen to Tina Müller (CEO Douglas), Ariane Reinhart (Board Member Continental), Sara Nuru (Co-Founder nuruCoffee) and Dr. Kasia Mol-Wolf (CEO Emotion).


This is your opportunity to not only gain insights on the importance of networking and career building but also about empowering and supporting aspiring #FemaleLeaders. Get to know the background of the success stories of our female speakers and exchange ideas to open up new perspectives!





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