Thomas Hack

  "I basically turned my hobby into my profession."
Human Experience People Thomas Hack Picture
Studio Senior Lead
Deloitte Digital Germany
What motivates you?

Good question. Basically, I turned my hobby into my profession. I spend a lot of time innovating things in the areas of smart home, mobile and web development, and the opportunity to bring this hobby to the office every day is my motivation. 

If you could be anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Probably Silicon Valley, because I really like the spirit of young people innovating and creating new digital products and new hardware every day.

What has been your highlight at Deloitte Digital so far?

The last three years! In our capability, we built a team of over 40 colleagues who drive all kinds of digital experiences, like website development, mobile development, user experience and interface design. Being a part of this was absolutely great.



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