Steffen Legler

  "We are about 26 different nationalities. Working together with
  such a rich and diverse group is my motivation and what fascinates me."
Lead Partner
Practice Lead Deloitte Digital Germany
What motivates you?

It’s the people of DD. Here in Germany, we are about 26 different nationalities. It’s such a great culture, rich in diversity, and working together with all these people – that’s my motivation and what fascinates me.

What makes Deloitte Digital special and unique?

It’s truly all about the people - nothing more.

What do you do in your leisure time to relax?

I'm a passionate tennis player, but I'm also quite the BBQ Pitmaster.

What has changed in Deloitte Digital over the last 3-4 years?

I started building Deloitte Digital in Germany six and a half years ago, and at that time, most of my colleagues called me crazy. They are a little bit jealous now, as we are the most successful service line within Deloitte Germany.

What's been a great highlight for you at Deloitte Digital so far?

I love it when we all come together, all the networking events we have like the practice meetings, capability meetings and international leadership meetings.


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