Mike John Otto

  "I am really looking forward to combining creativity with technology."
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Chief Creative Officer
Deloitte Digital Germany
What does teamwork mean at DD?

Compared to my background in agencies, where you have quite similar skills - creatives, designers, copywriters - Deloitte Digital's diversity is a big differentiator. Different people with different backgrounds working together in mixed agile teams. Our strength is that teamwork really means  meeting different people all the time - and working in previously unseen team combinations to create tailored solutions that bridge Creativity and Technology for businesses.

What do you do in your free time?

I create digital art. Guided by Joseph Beuys' "Freiheit statt Freizeit", which means that you need freedom for creativity, not splitting your day in working time and free time. I always try to be creative even after office hours. I do art and paint together with a drawing robot - again mixing creativity and technology. This results in different exhibitions throughout the year. 

What motivates you?

My biggest motivation is always innovation coming from technology and combining it with creativity to create narrative experiences. I am really looking forward to combining creativity with technology more and more here at DD. I want to create more ideas and business solutions for clients in AR and VR, explore using AI in client projects. We live in very unique times, where technology really matters, and it's always great to see it as a motivator for creative work and changing people's life for the better.


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