Dr. Lars Finger

  "I had a strong desire for a challenging and demanding environment where I could learn every day."
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Deloitte Digital Germany
What makes Deloitte Digital special to you?

One of the reasons I came back from the industry to consulting is that I had a strong desire to be in a challenging and demanding environment where I could learn every day. We at Deloitte Digital have such a broad range of skills, capabilities and backgrounds. That's really fun. Orchestrating all those capabilities and helping our clients succeed, that's what really motivates me.

Do you have a highlight of your time here so far?

My highlight has been the win of a multimillion Euro digital business transformation engagement for a leading medtech company. We had been working on this opportinuty for quite a while, and we finally convinced the client by combining our unique strategic skills, but also our deep digital expertise, our medtech industry knowledge, change management as well as our Salesforce capabilities. Seeing all these various capabilities from within Deloitte Digital, and from the whole of Deloitte as well, working together towards that goal and finally succeeding was highly rewarding.


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