Jan Michalski

"We share the same values, approach, way we work with people and the way we want to change the world to a better place."
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Deloitte Digital Central Europe
What is special about Deloitte Digital?


I think everything is special about DD. We combine our brand and creative experiences with consultancy and technology - it's very rare to combine all these skillsets in one place.



What has been your highlight at DD so far?

Becoming a partner was something special and extraordinary, which I recommend to everybody as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How do you switch off and leave work behind?

Well, I play with my kids. For example Minecraft or football - or we just spend time together. I have three kids, and being with them is something which definitely helps me switch off.



Do you have a favorite project you worked on?

I think every client is different, and the fact that we have the pleasure to work with so many different industries, with people from so many different countries and so many backgrounds is really unique. I don't really have one favorite to point out.

How is collaboration within DD?

Well, Christian Eissner (DD Lead Partner) and I knew each other for years before even joining Deloitte Digital. So from the beginning, the bond with Germany was very strong. But in general, although we are in different locations, we share the same values, approach, way we work together and the way we want to change the world to a better place - it's a unique trait of DD.







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