Florian Theurich

  "Deloitte Digital feels like a little spaceship which is orbiting around Deloitte, the big mothership - it can connect to all of it and the options are endless."
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Senior Manager
Deloitte Digital Germany
What makes Deloitte Digital special?


What makes it special? I think what makes it special is that it never stops changing, we are always trying to innovate ourselves. This also reflects in the work we do for our clients. When we started, we were a tiny little nucleus, trying to do little things, but now we are solar-exploring things, doing the work we are really known for! Deloitte Digital feels like a little spaceship, which is orbiting around the big mothership, Deloitte. And obviously Deloitte itself is so innovative, and so many things are happening around the Digital Factory, IoT and Robotics etc... It feels like if you wanted to, you could get connected to all of this. The options are endless and that obviously makes it really special. It’s not like traditional work, where the next project will be the same, it’s always kind of different.



What does a typical day look like for you?

The good thing, at least for me, is that there is no typical working day. It can just be about going to the office and essentially working on client projects, or going to the client, or running workshops, working on proposals, knowledge management, you name it. So it really depends on the project, the client’s situation, it also depends on the team – is it collocated or working remotely. I appreciate the occasional day working from home and sorting out my inbox in a very concentrated fashion. There is no traditional, or even a regular working day.

Which three songs from your Spotify playlist should not be missed?

That’s difficult, because I pretty much listen to everything. But what I typically ask for late at night is “Mr Brightside” from The Killers. I also really like “Sex on Fire” from Kings of Leon and I must add a German song – I like to listen to “Cello” from Udo Lindenberg, as my daughter started to play cello in school, so her aunt shared that song with her, and I kind of liked it.


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