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“Our strategic priority is to grow our alliances with top technology providers and deliver the best solutions to our clients.”
Interview Steffen Legler
What role do the big digital platform & technology companies play in today and tomorrow’s economy?

"Digital platforms are at the heart of our clients’ transformation programs. Those companies build and operate the platforms to conduct business, connect with customers or create new insights. As businesses are moving from traditional technology stacks to cloud solutions - and much more advanced digital customer touchpoints - these platforms are at the core of our clients’ business futures.

latform companies are amongst the most innovative and influential technology companies in the market. Working together enables us to be at the forefront of technological developments and to make sure our clients also benefit from state-of-the art solutions to their business challenges. We are joining forces with the best providers of technology to solve our clients’ business challenges."

How do alliance partners fit into Deloitte’s Consulting vision?

"Close collaboration with our digital & technology platform alliance partners enables us to take the next leap in the evolution of the consulting market. We go above and beyond traditional consulting services to form connections with our clients and alliance partners, matched to answer their unique ambitions. This helps to exponentially scale and tap into the value potential of mega technology trends to thrive in a constantly shifting market."

How do you approach collaboration with alliance partners?

"We mix leading technology, deep industry expertise & business excellence. Our relationships with some of the world’s leading companies deliver the value of strategic collaboration. Combined with our award-winning consulting services, business acumen and creative minds, these connections can help our customers sense and shape the markets of tomorrow.

Jointly, we create robust go-to-market plans, develop collaborative solutions, and make strategic investments, creating value and improving time to market for our clients. We are becoming close partners and together shaping the technology-enabled business of tomorrow."

Which trends/topics will be relevant for alliance-related work in the future?

"There are numerous, spanning across multiple disciplines: Cloud solutions and infrastructure as a service. Workflow management solutions like digital transformation of customer-related processes, as well as internal work processes (CRM, Sales, HR, IT, Finance, etc.). And last but not least, new touchpoints and commerce platforms for the digital customer."

What challenges do you see for big digital platform & technology projects in the future?

"Solutions like cloud have an impact across many different functions of our clients, and often require thinking in new dimensions and working in new operating models. Therefore, successful transformations always require an end-to-end perspective. Today’s complex business transformations often incorporate several technological solutions, and it is important to select the best ones to make sure they interact well with each other. Having “one voice” across an entire transformation process is very important so that we always keep business priorities in mind."

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