Florian Altmann

       Director Customer Strategy
       & Applied Design


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“In order to design products that people really want, we first have to understand them.”
Interview Florian Altmann
What brought you to Deloitte? 

"I was attracted by the impressive number of great people with a huge breadth and depth of expertise and experience – and the prospect of working with them. On any given engagement, I might work together with business psychologists, customer experience designers, pricing experts, corporate strategy experts, IT architects - all to solve our clients’ growth challenges."



What matters to you in the way you work?

"I love gradually building ideas in a collaborative way, and the moments I enjoy most are when our different approaches, perspectives and contributions add up to something great which is bigger than the sum of its parts."

How is this different from how others work?

"Short-term efficiency is best in a homogenous team, where everyone is always on the same page. However, for a unique and robust result, we need to constantly challenge ourselves. I firmly believe this pays off in the long run. I am much more interested in relevant results with long-term success than in short-term efficiency."


Tell us about a project that you particularly enjoyed. What made it special?

"We are currently working for a fitness company that only sees other fitness companies as competitors. They claim their members are only interested in the actual gyms, and not at all in digital touchpoints in and around the gym experience. Our research revealed a more nuanced picture, and it is fun to see our client now starting to use a more customer-centric language. With a clear customer perspective in mind, it comes much more naturally for our clients to design how their touchpoints work together."

How has your work changed since Covid-19?

"Covid-19 has shown me how fragile our whole economic system is, and that we have to reinvent ourselves daily to succeed in this dynamic context. In innovation, taking the client by the hand and spending quality time in meetings and workshops is key – and we now had to substitute this with digital means. I have a full vocabulary for steering physical workshops. For online workshops, we had to develop a new one from scratch, and we are still experimenting with it as we speak."

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