In a time when distance occupies such a big place in our lives, we think close connection is more important than ever. So we are inviting you to meet our leaders, skilled and experienced in an incredible variety of topics and take a backstage look at how we do what we do and how we can help you


Now is the best moment to get together, and get excited about our future.                        

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    Egbert Wege

      Customer & Marketing

Egbert Wege Image
“Understanding each other - the Human Experience - is the value for all stakeholders.”

    Tim Hagemann

      Marketing & Commerce

Tim Hagemann Image
“There are no excuses anymore – Digital Commerce is essential for any and every business.”

    Daniel Könnecke

      The Garage

Daniel Könnecke Image
“Innovation isn’t magic. It takes creativity, focus, relentless reinvention, discipline and hard work.”

    Steffen Legler


Steffen Legler Image
“Our strategic priority is to grow our alliances with top technology providers and deliver the best solutions to our clients.”

    Dr. Lars Finger

      Marketing & Commerce

Dr. Lars Finger Image
“The last months have proven that connecting without contact works great – companies who haven´t adapted their marketing accordingly will likely disappear.​”

    Dr. Gregor-Konstantin

      The Garage

Gregor-Konstantin Elbel Image
“With the help of neuroscience, companies can dramatically improve their customer understanding, create better customer- and user experiences, and considerably advance their overall performance and brand perception.”

    Maximilian König


Maximilian König Image
"By deploying digital platforms, we enable our clients to use the full potential of their data and become a truly insight-driven organization.“

    André Poeggel

      Advertising & Brand Experience

André Poeggel Image
"Experience design is one of today's business essentials: Experience drives adoption – adoption drives value."

    Florian Altmann

      Customer Strategy & Applied Design

Florian Altmann Image
“In order to design products that people really want, we first have to understand them.”

    Thorsten Zierlein

      Customer Strategy & Applied Design

Thorsten Zierlein Image
“Direct to consumers requires the creation of an ecosystem which provides a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders.”

    Jens Haschkamp

      Digital Customer

Jens Haschkamp Image
„A purpose-led, transparent customer data strategy that explains the benefit of collecting data in a meaningful and secure way, using a certified technology stack, is paramount. This helps prevent more and more consumers enforcing their digital disconnect.”