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Our task was the strategic and visual development of the waste management brand of a leading retailer. The project included the development of strategic foundations for rebranding, creative exploration and design, and the definition of a clear and robust communications framework to ensure a successful market entry and presence.
Capabilities in charge

Digital Customer Transformation, Digital Ventures, Deloitte Analytics Institute

 Waste Management
Case: Waste Management Company

The Insight

Our client’s goal is to become Europe’s leading digital waste management company. We were commissioned with the development of a new business model and the integration of an acquired waste disposal service provider. A joint brand strategy and rebranding was needed to harmonize business activities, facilitate integration and address new target groups. The rebranding was to be communicated at the announcement of the takeover of the naming rights of a Bundesliga stadium.

Our Impact

We supported the client through an analysis of target groups, competitive landscapes as well as internal skills and capabilities on the basis of the human-centric branding approach. In addition, we held interactive strategy workshops with the client's stakeholders to gather information and take decisions. We defined a brand story and a unique tone of voice. Next, we developed basic elements for brand design, a messaging framework and an interactive brand style guide.


Being part of such an impactful project in so many dimensions, environmental as well as economic, was pure pleasure und surely a milestone for Deloitte Digital.


Lars Luecke, Deloitte Digital Ventures Director

The Process

We achieved a complete brand makeover including story, design, messages and logo. The brand and its desired attributes were benchmarked and the acquired service provider was completely rebranded and transformed. We strategically supported the business model development with cross-functional collaboration and integrated the client’s future growth ambitions in the strategy. Today, a digital style guide and design assets help employees independently work with the brand.


The Facts

waste management brand of 4th largest retailer

style guide for 3,000 employees


-year project duration

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