Harmonizing Sales and Marketing at Sysmex Europe using MS Dynamic 365

As one of Europe’s top healthcare companies, Sysmex envisioned a redefined CRM process on a large scale. We joined forces to harmonize their business processes based on the MS Dynamics 365 platform.
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Case: Sysmex

The Insight

When Sysmex Europe GmbH approached us, it was clear that we were about to set sail on a big CRM journey: for the past 50 years, Sysmex has set new standards and driven innovation in the healthcare industry. Until now, the independent affiliates of each region had different sales and marketing business processes, KPIs and IT systems to run their business. The challenge: an overhead on maintenance, sub-optimal processes and high efforts in providing reports to regional and corporate sales and marketing management. The only solution: harmonize these processes in a joint effort.

Our Impact

Our Deloitte Digital team supported Sysmex in collecting and harmonizing their international Sales requirements for the core system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allowed Sysmex to replace legacy systems and to establish optimized and common business processes – today and going forward. The integration with MS Office, SAP ERP and BI provides all data needed for a 360-degree view on customers, opportunities and other processes. Last but not least, the usage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal simplifies and speeds up collaboration with clients.

The Process

For a successful international rollout, Sysmex and Deloitte employees from different countries joined forces. With a consistent agile approach, we gained maximum flexibility in dealing with the ongoing implementation, be it the additional requirements by new affiliates or the enhancements requested by already active affiliates. Also key to our success, prior to the project start, we conducted extensive trainings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sysmex employees to implement the sales and marketing processes long-term. This way, we empowered the Sysmex IT team to understand, maintain and enhance the system on their own in the future.


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