How we made out of our world 
a digital experience on the DMEXCO 2019.

How does a Creative Consultancy like Deloitte Digital stage and mediate in the digital and visual overkill of DMEXCO content and its offer? 


Deloitte Digital Installation


Map of Knowledge
Case: Map of Knowledge

The Insight

In order to leave a lasting impression on (new) customers, potential employees and the press, a surprising and playful experience was produced using the interactive multi-touch installation KREEK. 

Our Impact

The aim was to make the Deloitte digital world an immersive experience at the company's own stand by underlining our Approach to elevate the Human Experience with Business Driven Creativity and Technology.

An unexpected Experience

The surface of KREEK provides the user with an element of surprise: instead of the cold screen, the textile, elastic projection screen gives way on pressure, and not only ensures a high level of activation among the trade fair visitors, but also motivates them to engage more deeply with the contents. The warmth of the material fits perfectly with Deloitte Digital's Purpose "Elevating the Human Experience".



Map of Knowledge Screens
Storyboard Map of Knowledge

The Right Choice of Technology

Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of communication. But we wanted to make sure that people understand our world 
and can experience the Map of Knowledge 
such as a visual Deloitte Digital Wiki.


The Facts

Leaving a Creative Footprint on the Booth

Thousands of Shares on Social Media

25 000 Surface Interactions

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