B2C like user experience for B2B customers.

Our client is one of two global leaders for supplying industrial parts to OEM industries such as industrial applications, customer products and car manufacturers. They asked for our support in providing a tailored experience for their customers and internal users alike.
Capabilities in charge

Digital Commerce, Experience Design & Mobile, Data Driven Marketing

 Automotive Robots
Case: Manufacturer Industrial Parts

The Insight

The client identified a gap in their digital experience, as small clients were covered by dealers, big clients by direct EDI connections, but the clients in-between still had to order via customer service.

Our Impact

SAP Commerce Cloud was selected as the technology platform to tightly integrate with the existing SAP ERP. A very large product catalogue (>4 million products) and a complex variant and packing logic had to be implemented to make the experience as seamless as possible. We established an integrated team to design, build, test and successfully deploy the platform.


We serve the entire lifecycle out of one integrated team: from customer experience concept and requirement analysis, to visual design and software architecture, eventually completed by delivering and operating the platform.


Thilo Többens, Deloitte Digital Partner

The Process

A rollout to the first country took place in April 2018, followed by monthly feature releases and multiple rollouts to European countries in 2018. Quarterly releases and further global rollouts are planned through 2019 and 2020. The platform is providing a tailored experience and feature set for different roles on customer and client side - engineers, purchasers or salesmen. Users now get access to specific data or even entire user flows, which support their specific needs.

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