Revolutionizing automotive financing. With a 100% digital credit solution.

A multi-channel automotive finance platform for one of the largest banks in Europe. Sounds complicated? We made it extra easy, for customers and dealers alike. 
Capabilities in charge

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Santander Financial Service App
Case: Leading Automotive Bank

The Insight

Buying a car and finding the right financial products can feel like two separate tasks. We wanted to change that for Santander, by aligning their vast networks of dealers and customers in a seamless end-to-end process. From online car configuration, to finance contract closing.

Our Impact

Financial services are already complicated. Both customer and dealer want a user experience that is fast and easy. For Santander, we made sure to have everyone covered, with less paperwork and full transparency at all times, by implementing a 100% digital credit solution.

A web-based, highly user-friendly credit solution

In the digital age, customers are continuously connected and expect personalized services in real time, always and everywhere. Why would it be different when buying a car? We started with a vision - which was to move from dealer focus to customer centricity. From finance driven to multi-product approach. And from paper-based to 100% digital. The idea for a web-based, highly user-friendly credit solution was born.

A flexible and dynamic multi-channel lead generator

Our daily process often starts like this: “Hi Deloitte Digital! How do we make this easier…?!" Faced with the current financing model for automotive, we immediately saw the sweet spot for a digital transformation that would catapult Santander to the forefront of car finance. Starting from a new, central Point of Sale (POS), our goal was to convert online leads using a flexible and dynamic multi-channel lead generator where multiple car dealer websites come together. Instant feedback on funding would be available at every stage of the process, so Santander would remain first choice for its clients.

From finance-driven to multi-product approach

We tackled the challenge of a new POS with our proven approach: testing and optimizing early and often, with real users and continuous feedback.

Based on our iteration cycles, we developed a web-based "Instant Credit" solution with a finance-widget for dealer, manufacturer and partner websites. For us, it was key to create a state-of-the-art application funnel with minimal data entry, maximum user experience and direct feedback on funding. Additionally, we built a dealer cockpit for offer and lead management for the project - likewise, a product engine for product configuration and calculation. And not lastly, a highly user-friendly web interface that makes all previous paperwork obsolete.

A customer-centric instant credit solution

With a consistent approach and agile way of working, we collected a maximum amount of validated learnings about Santander's customers with the least amount of effort. This way, we achieved quick results and more flexibility in dealing with requirements. A key element: our cross-functional team consisted of a mix of UX designers, architects, developers, product owners, strategists and experts in a wide range of disciplines such as IT, risk, legal, marketing and financial products. 

The Santander credit application is one that we are proud to show to non-finance savvy customers. And a paperless workflow principle that could be applied almost anywhere.


The Facts

state-of-the-art user experience

increased customer-dealer interaction

significantly shorter time-to-market

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