Make boring less boring. With social media tools for teens.

More user engagement on one of the biggest social media platforms? We can do it. With surprisingly fun ideas for the young. 
ACNE in 2018 for the client Instagram

Most Successful Instagram Campaign 2018

Case: Instagram

The Insight

Young users seem to think their weekdays aren't interesting enough to be posted on Instagram. Could we change their minds and make them post more frequently?  With Instagram's creative tools, we proved weekdays can be exciting too - and even small, everyday situations are surprisingly fun.

Our Impact

We wanted to get new users to join the platform, and existing users to engage with it more frequently. The solution is simple: show teens that we also care about the cultural phenomena that matter to them, through ads and tools that inspire to both create and explore entertaining content.

New opportunities for storytelling

Teens use Instagram a lot, especially when they are bored. But they are using it to consume content rather than create it. We decided to use these exact moments, when teens are scrolling through our ads, as the stage for our products. This way, we could inspire them to create stories right then and there. By placing products in relatable, seemingly boring everyday situations, we proved that every moment is an opportunity to share a story.

Engaging inactive users with

hype alerts

We also wanted to show inactive users what they were missing. One option was to encourage them to use the ‘follow hashtag’ feature. To do this, we created a tool that instantly let users know which trending or relevant hashtags they should follow - from #nochill to #meowmeow and more. The trick? Make sure we only suggest content that matters to them.

A discovery tool

for new users

Our next target were the non-users. Our new discovery tools showcased a wide range of content they could explore and engage with. No matter what their taste or interests, there were already millions of people just like them on the platform. All we had to do is make sure they know they are not alone.

A global growth campaign with customer-centric content

Our global growth campaign "Make boring less boring" encouraged teens to get creative with small means. We started by analyzing teens in 30 countries. We then created over 50 pieces of content based on their interests and needs, and translated them into 17 languages for 30 markets around the globe. We ended up creating the most successful Instagram campaign of 2018 - and we proved that growth work doesn't have to be boring.


The Facts

1.672 million downloads in 14 weeks

half a million app installs per month

most successful Instagram campaign of 2018

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