How Deloitte Digital invented 
‘Berlin Understated’

We reinvigorated premium eyewear label ic! berlin by developing a brand strategy and design that lives up to the company’s premium positioning and resonates with the target audience.


ic! Berlin


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ic! Berlin

The Insight

When premium eyewear brand ic! berlin asked us to reinvent its brand identity using our NeedSphere Framework, we were more than happy to accept the challenge. The ambitious briefing was to create a brand strategy and design that drives differentiation, supports digital transformation, attracts new audiences and carries the organization into the future – after all, the goal was to significantly increase revenue.

Our Impact

Based on research insights on the implicit needs of eyewear clients in the company's core markets, our brand team created a brand story as well as a creative springboard around the concept of "Berlin Understatement". The idea captures the unique essence of ic! berlin and bares testimony to the brand’s unique heritage and understated product excellence.

The brand story

Before we ever went to the workbench, we had a vision – to redefine the industry standard for truly remarkable eyewear. In a world of mass-produced junk and promiscuous brand milking, fine eyewear has lost its magic. Fashion labels keep reviving their tired old icons instead of crafting well-made products with precision. We’re changing that. With ic! berlin.

Our brand was born and raised in Berlin – a truly diverse and inspiring city with an unyielding spirit. Where people enjoy an open, free, and authentic scene. From modern design and infamous night­life to alternative neighborhoods and creative culture: Berlin is home to those who live for what’s real.
True to our roots, we make each pair of eyeglasses as unique as the city itself. And we craft every piece of eyewear for people who refuse to compromise on aesthetics and reliability. We pay attention to the small details, not the vulgar display of status symbols. And we always recognize individuality by celebrating our customers’ confidence and independence.

Our glasses are for people who reject empty status. That is why we’re moving forward in time to create understated eyewear for like-minded people. It’s how we’re raising the bar for design and exceptional quality. Reinstating what it truly means to be free. With precise, elegant design that has class, not mass.

To those who value creativity, craftmanship, and perfection over hype – we have a message:

Your wait is over.
Du bist ein Berliner. Welcome home.


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The Result

A brand that lives up to the company's premium positioning, resonates with the target audience and, as has been neuroscientifically proven, drives the willingness to pay.


The Facts

Brand Development by using the NeedSphere Framework

Neuroscientifically proven

Based on research insights on the implicit needs of eyewear clients

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