This is the beginning of a beautiful

E-Commerce friendship.

In order to strengthen the collaboration between two E-Commerce retailers and gain efficiency along the value chain, we developed a custom integration strategy. We also added in a new target operating model and took the client on a great journey through strategic analysis, strategy & TOM formulation, a technology roadmap, and the implementation of key initiatives.
Capabilities in charge

Digital Customer Transformation, Digital Commerce, Operations

 E-Commerce Operations
Case: E-Commerce Retailers

The Insight

A diversified media and technology company was looking to improve the collaboration between two of its E-Commerce retailers. However, they were mostly operating independently and unable to cooperate. The client was hoping to leverage synergies in procurement, sales, logistics and technology, thus repositioning them for future growth.

Our Impact

We supported the client through a strategy phase that consisted of a holistic analysis of the status quo. This provided the basis for the development of the future target operating model and technology architecture. As a result, we were tasked with the development of a roadmap, which led to the implementation of key initiatives in category management, E-Commerce operations and supply chain management.


Designing strategies is inspiring, but implementing them with our clients is what makes successful projects spring to life.


Dr. Lars Finger, Deloitte Digital Partner

The Process

Intensive interviews and workshops served to record the process requirements and provided the basis for further analysis. The strategic analysis covered various topics ranging from procurement, logistics, E-Commerce operations and marketing to architectural challenges. Finally, we created a roadmap for the next three years and a business case with a 5-year horizon and provided further implementation support to ensure a successful execution.


The Facts


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processes documented

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