Picking up speed on Digital Customer Engagement Management.

CMOs desperately search for answers to key questions in digital customer communication, and so, our case study aligns individually adapted real-time communication across all digital touchpoints. Our impressive results demonstrate both the right direction, and the huge potential in the future.
Capabilities in charge

Digital Customer Transformation

Automotive Customer Engagement Management
Case: Automotive Manufacturer

The Insight

CMO’s are torn between internal and external marketing challenges, which distract them from focusing on digital customer communication. These include internal competition for marketing budgets and measuring their effectiveness, while simultaneously generating a 360° view of the customer and providing convenient customer journeys which adhere to regulations such as GDPR.

Our Impact

Our jointly developed target picture proves that silo activities must be eliminated, all channels for customer contact should be connected, and that it is essential to enrich and exchange customer data between offsite, onsite & CRM. By addressing these action items, a consistent yet individual communication across all touchpoints can be enabled.


The ability to gain a 360° view and engage customers directly is essential to sustaining a digital ecosystem around vehicles, and thus secures future competitiveness for OEMs.



The Process

We achieved an increase in conversion rate, high-quality leads for vehicles and services as well as consistent communication across all channels. The higher degree of personalization enables clients to limit their media spending to the most relevant messages and increases customer satisfaction by addressing relevant communication needs.


The Facts

increased customer satisfaction

reduced media spend

focus on relevant touchpoints

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